Revive Ministries

Life Groups

We were created for relationship - both with God and with one another. The struggles of life weary and distance us, but isolation is not good for us. God designed us to live life together, and Jesus gives us the ability to navigate that with joy.


No relationship can thrive without communication, and prayer is one of the ways we keep our hearts aligned to God's heart and purpose. If you need prayer or feel called to pray for others, the prayer team would love to connect with you!


5x100 is our 5-week program to launch your discipleship journey. While discipleship is a life-long pursuit, this program helps us to begin the amazing experience of being discipled and learning to disciple others!


Revive Missions connects the church to our neighbors, the community, and the world through acts of service while sharing our love of Christ. If you are passionate about missions, we would love to hear your story and partner with you in spreading the gospel.


Our core focus as a worship ministry is for every note and every word to point to Jesus! If this feels like your heart and you'd like to know more about worship ministry, let us know!

Revive Youth

Our kids in Revive Youth are the hope of the future. They are the future Church, and they are the Church now! With this group of students, we are working to raise up young disciples of Christ who are confident in who they are in Christ, and their purpose in the Church and the world.

Revive Kids

Revive Kids don't just go to church; they ARE the Church. God loves us, and we want to love Him more! Revive Kids comes together to engage God's Word in a tangible way, to learn to love each other, and to know God and serve Him and His people, no matter how young we are!

SPF 50+

While Proverbs 16:31 says gray hair is a crown of glory, not all of the SPF50 crowd have gray hair yet! We are a group of 50+ individuals who love Jesus and enjoy hanging out together. We invite you to come join our Spirit-Powered Fellowship!

Women's Ministry

No matter how God wired you as a woman, from bold and beautiful to quiet and quirky and everything in between, we cherish the identity God has designed and spoken over you. We love to walk with each other and grow in Christ together. Come with us!

Men's Ministry

God made men to bond through experience. However, we are called to something deeper than mere, fleeting moments; we are called to be spiritual brothers in Christ who disciple and live life together. We invite you to encounter God with us. You won't be disappointed on this amazing adventure!

To find out more about a particular ministry, email us!