What We Believe

We believe the Bible is God’s Word, from His mouth to man, through His Spirit without error. It is God’s love letter to us and is used to encourage and guide our lives.

We believe there is one true God and that He exists in three persons: the divine example of true community. These three are equal, but carry out different roles in the work of creation, providing and redeeming.

We believe God is an infinite personal spirit, perfect in all things. He so desires to connect with us in a personal way that he sent his Son to reconcile the relationship between God and man.

We believe Jesus is God’s only son. He was conceived by the Holy Spirit and born to a virgin. He lived perfectly, without any sins. We believe He died in our place, to pay for our sins, that He came back to life in bodily form and that He ascended into heaven.

We believe the Holy Spirit comes from the Father and Son to make us aware of our sin, to convict, guide, comfort and lead us both corporately and personally. He lives in all of us who believe in Jesus.

We believe that “the church” is one universal body of believers encompassing all those who believe in Jesus. We are to gather regularly with other members of the church. This can happen in concerts, chat rooms, life groups and other places where God’s kids gather together.

Jesus modeled 2 things: baptism, which is symbolic of His death and resurrection, and communion, which symbolizes His blood and body crucified for us.

We believe every person can have a direct, personal relationship with God. No human mediator is required for God to hear our prayers, forgive our sins or direct our lives.

We believe all people are sinners by nature and choice and, because of that, are spiritually far from God. We believe those who repent of their sins, connect with God and make Jesus the leader in their lives are made new by the Holy Spirit. This transformation is made evident by the change in our lives.

We believe Christ will personally and visibly return to Earth and establish His kingdom. We believe in a literal heaven and a literal hell, that all who have died will be resurrected in bodily form, and that there will be a judgement. We believe, according to the Bible, that the righteous will spend eternity with God and the wicked will spend eternity separated from God.

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